Saturday, December 6, 2014


Art obey none but trA

Welcome to NY Express yourselves 

Mickey moved to Brooklyn

Saturday, March 23, 2013

boots and relationships
walking over all emotions
only to get there
before the broken mirror

happiness exist within the red purse

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Original Cha Cha / by Madame CoCo

Handmade by Madame Coco / herself 
this young lady found a real treasure, in our booth.
  @ the bklynflea  dreams can come true at a high level of fidelity


shopping together creates a bond
not even gorilla glue could outlast 
friendships are 4ever @ the brooklyn flea

you don't have to dare me
i love these boots
and the Haitian brothers loves me more
@ a price of $40.
 my credit card receipt can prove their true creole affection

i do not have a little red Corvette
i want more out of live

these amazing boots are not made for walking
but to be held in my arms 
like baby delights 
don't you agree
cowgirls don't walk 
we raise cowboys

thank you mama 
i welcome you with $50. 

the boots that makes you wanna
move to Canada
where the neige is nice and clean

go on gyal !!


Luqman / lead vocalist for FunkFace
stopped by the shop
we talked about CBGB 
the Toasters - the Second Step
Urban Blight  - the Boilers
and all the NYC 80's -90's bands etc.
on his way out we placed this hat on his head

it's important to keep friendship warm

wedding dresses no problem - got you cover

this young lady has a boyfriend they are not engaged yet
but she loves this wedding dress so much
she decided to make a decision
and she wont tell him unless ...

you know what this is the dress
i want to wear when i ever get married

just like that she made the investment $600.

the ithrees
live @bkflea

inspector pretty
is on a mission to capture
criminal ugly
dead or alive


cross your legs
like scissors 
but you can't cut 
the thoughts i have about you wearing these boots
may i give you a shoe shine 


show your new boots darling

big smile on her face 
$28 dollars in her hands
i wonder what she bought

can you guess?

b- leather bags 
c-  sunglasses
d- a vintage coat
or e- she's just happy to be @ the bkflea

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Style either you have it or you don't. This gentleman added 
the fur scarf to his wardrobe - to find a simple solution to his happiness

fashion ambassadors - came by our booth like they do
every Sunday looking for goodies. Today she picked up a leather 
gun holster shoulder leather bag. Bang!! Bang!! $30.00

Vintage GuGu - i think her smiles says everything 

Hockey fans we have something for you too. $45.00

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Et Voila!!

She had the smile, the coat, the money the only thing missing was footwear. So she came by
the booth and we were able to embrace the customer with the perfect ankle boots to match her personality.
Simply great service and $45.00
Thank you she said 

Two friends on the town in search of bags. Stop!! right here right now.
We have what you both need. Leather bags!  Et Voila !  
$40. each

Thursday, December 1, 2011

OMG...I love this place

Greetings from South Florida....OMG...I love this place (and my pic..ha ha..)....Love my new boots and my leather coat. My friends and I had a FABULOUS time buying and hanging out with you guys. You and your brother are very cool.

As soon as I am back in NY...I will run back to the Flea Market. You guys are the real "Haitian Connection" long and thanks again...xoxo.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vintage vs Made in China

i've been looking for clothes yesterday and today and it has suddenly occurred to me why vintage is so in demand. when you said salvation army to me the other day i thought, yes, why not? for a while now actually, because of the bad quality standardised clothing in the shops. this is something i've really noticed over the last couple of years. cheap fabrics, finishes, the lot. clothing is no different to cars, fridges, washing machine, comp and tv - short life products to fuel capitalist growth. the standardisation is horrific. it's like cloning. not just stepford wives but stepford societies, and thinking even. everything is the same. has an effect on my psyche, really...

everyone buying food from farmers markets, custom made furniture and clothing, vintage anything, is in rebellion against capitalist standardisation. if the most saleable thing has a look, then every producer will mimic this 'look' in order to compete. then you end up with various versions of this 'look', but without any choice.

vintage shopping aside, i think that an anti capitalist backlash will occur not by protest in the streets but with people buying sewing machines and learning how to knit. i think there will be a revival in traditional crafts. i think they'll be growing their own (organic) food wherever possible and breeding chickens. making furniture. building their own houses like the man below. a house for £3000?


every man needs a killer leather jacket.
the leather the color the pockets the waist belt
 Shaft would slap your mother for this jocket
yes we sold it to him -  so we practically played
santa claus but we did not get stuck in the chimney empty handed

our most demanding calculating sexy customer
we have a good relationship. she always wants the best.
this time she picked up a vintage gullie gugu ( gucci )

all the way from Japan - these ladies came to us from word
of mouth - great bags great deal visit the haitian brothers at the brooklyn flea
4 vintage leather bags $100.

back pack perfect for his nyu books and loptop

for the slut in all of us

sexy pucci boots for the slut in all of us.
dont leave home without your brand name indentity.
irresistibly chic - $100

sun shades for all seasons - protect your coolness

Sun shade

you want a bag this is the bag for the new yorker in you.
fill it up with all your needs - yes there is even room for your emergency
 overnight booty call lingery and tools - soft leather

what da heck - i'll buy it

so excited she called her friends to tell them the good news.
" i just bought a vintage Veve (Versace) - original sh*t not fake - for only $100
these haitian brothers made my day"

an old friend stopped by. she tried several pairs but could not make up
her mind between pair (1) or (2) boots. finally she said "what da heck". 
Bought both for simply $150

nice vintage pink bag very comfortable and magnificently design

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fashion No Dead

come to the brooklyn flea to copy & steal - just like all the major designers do
we have style for days

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

no she did not buy the painting

a very old extra large Louis Vuitton "loulou". she had to get mom's advice on this one and i don't blame her. 10 min later the decision was made. big smile on her face and nice grin in my haitian pocket $200

 Vintage Gucci "guli gugu" made for a princess, and she knows it too. gently she picked it up from the rack and said how much  - $125 dear. i'll take it.   not made in china

 from Sweeden with love. she came to the shop looking for the perfect boots and we delivered. see for yourself look at her face $85

no she did not buy the painting - she bought the glasses $20

never too sexy

foot fetish killers...
magnificently sexy made just for me said the customer.  her two friends were not going for it, but she kept with her decision. one said it looks too hot mama the other one says it's gonna make you look like a lady of the night. she responded to them, you girls are correct that is what i'm going for sexy sexy and you cant stop me now. i love a customer who knows what she wants.

friends that love to shop together, stay friends even when the money runs out.
 to the left Gucci or guli gugu $175 to the right Fendi $100

 a visitor from Paris. i dont remember what she bought, i wish i can open the bag from the picture to tell you. but whatever it was, she was very. i remember she said Merci, bisou

this leather shoulder bag is amazing with a rare classic flat cut - perfect possession for a collector. $40